Motion Tech stretch ceiling was created in 1995 and move is head quarter to Thailand in 2006 to better serve the South East-Asia Market.

From then, Motion Tech is a head on innovation with is unique PVC Frame’s and novelty products to adapt the client needs.

Our motivation is to deliver on time quality for affordable price. Motion Tech is the only company can fabricate, assemble and install stretch ceiling to insure a workmanship and finishing on quality.

Innovation, research and development make us “One Step Forward” and able to meet the requirement of designer, architect.



Stretch Ceiling technology was invented in Europe as an interior enhancement. The essence of the product is a non-flammable thin P.V.C track system.

The shape of such installation is defined by the hidden profile, while the beauty comes from the film, which can be of any color, finish and transparency.

This technology is rapidly expanding in Asia, and is an essential tool for architects, interior designers, decorators and construction contractors.

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Delivery on Time & Quality for affordable Price
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Stretch Ceiling

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Mirrored Ceiling

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Stretch Ceiling Light Box

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Some Information of Our Products

01 Stretch Ceiling

The variety of available is infinite. Come in all forms: horizontal (Ceiling), round, vertical (decoration walls panels) or 3D. The installation process is dry and clean.

Stretch Ceilings can be unhooked form the original ceiling with the minutes. Allows optimal acoustic absorption. Incorporated suspended and integrated lights, spotlights and optical fibers.

The product insensitive to moisture, condensation. It creates an effective vapor barrier. Can be washed with water. Flame and water resistant. Protects the room from water damaged.

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02 Mirrored Ceiling and Walls Glassless Mirror

A Glasses Mirror can be applied to any flat surface with tittle or no preparation. Because of its light weight, wall inserts and support are eliminated.

The mirror can be mounted directly to finished plaster, wood paneling and interior partitioning. For wall mounting, mirrors are provided with a serrated metal hanger commonly used to hang pictures.

Rectangular mirrors have mounting holes to allow hanging on the long or shot dimension. Velcro “hook and loop” fasteners are utilized at the corners to position the mirror.

For irregular wall surfaces, other conventional attachments can be used such as moldings or foam tape.

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03 All in one “Stretch Ceiling Light Box"

Motion Tech stretch ceiling system transform an ordinary ceiling into a spectacular light box, Electrician install lighting and Motion Tech install stretch ceiling.

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